B&B Insurance Group, LLC.

We are the Cream of the Crop

About the Owner

B&B Insurance Group, LLC take pride in knowing that the President/Owner.  Dr. LaVerne Marie' Boone has eighteen years of experience working as an insurance agent/broker.  She worked for eight years setting up and running an insurance company before stepping out on her own in 2007.  Due to the years of experience in the field of insurance and customer service this affords Dr. Boone the know how to provide the customers with excellent service.  She is native of the Lower Eastern Shore growing up in Worcester County and now resides in Wicomico and has been for over thirty (30) years. 

Our Staff

Our President/Owner: Dr. LaVerne Marie’ Boone, Office Manager (Katheline Torres).  Our company's strength lies in the quality and depth of our products and staff. Our office, unlike our competition, we provide insurance services to non-clients, such as lawyers and mortgagees, to ensure our mutual clients have proper coverage and binding needed. Recently our agency produced a newsletter titled “Insurance and Me by B&B” which allows customers and non-customers to understand the coverage’s of their policy.  This gives clients and non-clients the opportunity to contact us to review their coverage which in turns gives us the opportunity to promote other products and services we provide.  Here at B&B Insurance Group, LLC our motto is “you don’t need insurance until you need insurance make sure you have the right coverage”.